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How it started

Lamont Wealth Strategies was founded by Jeffery Lamont once he could see that lawyers in particular, needed a tailored approach to wealth management.
This approach needed to provide solutions for the unique needs of lawyers; from the beginning stages of their career, to retirement.
Not only for them, but also their family and dependents.


Jeffery Lamont has 25 years of experience and has helped over 140 lawyers and their families build and preserve greater wealth for their future and enhance the legacies they leave for future generations.


Jeffery Lamont has served this database from all stages of their life since the start of their career. He is acutely aware of their unique needs, from where they have started to where they are headed after retirement.

He combines this expertise with an authentic approach to his guidance, establishing a level of trust. His proven results have secured a loyal clientele.


Lamont Wealth Strategies is growing, but the mission remains the same; to provide innovative and customized solutions to ensure the best results for clients.

To build, preserve and transition wealth strategically.


From building wealth in the early stages of one's career through investments to careful estate and retirement planning to ensure a comfortable transition to life after law, Lamont Wealth Management is your partner that will help coach and guide you through with flexibility and care.

Our results speak for themselves.

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